Wallpaper Wednesday, Easter Edition

It’s almost Easter, and to celebrate, we made a couple of Easter-themed wallpapers for you to enjoy on your computer.  Click the picture to get the full sized photo, then click the Download button to save the full-sized photo to your computer.

World Backup Day

You may not know it, but today is World Backup Day, a day set aside as a reminder to keep all your digital data safe and secure.  As photographers who are entrusted with precious photos of our clients, we take backups very seriously, and ensure that none of these memories are ever lost.  We won’t go into a lot of the technical details in this post, but we will provide an overview of how we go about keeping your photos safe from harm.

It all starts when we download photos from the camera.  Brian has a background in IT, and he’s put that to use to ensure that as we download photos, they are copied to not just one location, but two.  This leaves us with 3 copies of each photo, each one on a different device.  We also rotate our memory cards so that each card is never erased until well after it is used.  This way, if we ever lose all the other copies of a photo, we still have the original on the memory card.

Once the photos are on the computer, we use a service called Crashplan to create an encrypted off-site backup.  If something catastrophic ever happens to our studio and all of our computers, all of our photos (and other files) would still be safe and secure, ready for us when we were back up and running again.  Crashplan isn’t the only online backup system out there, but we’ve found that it is the best fit for our particular setup and we’ve been happy with the service for several years now.

The last piece of our backup strategy is our website, hosted by SmugMug.  We host all of our client galleries with them, and they have an impeccable reputation for reliability in storing and making available client files.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek behind the curtain, and we also hope there wasn’t anything too technical to understand (Bailey’s eyes tend to glaze over when Brian starts talking about detailed technical topics).  If you have any questions about our backup system or how we keep client photos safe, post them in the comments below.  And remember, if you’ve ever had a photo session with us, your photos will always be available, whether it’s been 2 weeks, or 10 years since the session, because we are serious about backups.

Winter Special

Christmas is over, and Spring is still a couple months away.  Now is the time of year when everything seems to slow down while we all wait for warmer weather.

This is a slow time of year for photographers, too, so we’re offering a special deal for those of you looking for new portraits.  Book your regular or mini session between now and the end of February and take $10 off.  That means our 1 hour session is $40 and our half hour mini session is only $25!

During this time we will not be booking any outdoor sessions, but our studio is available, or we can even hold your session in your own home.  Contact us by email at bailey@baileypaigephoto.com or by phone at (816) 332-0470 to book your session today!  Hurry, though, because this deal is only good for sessions scheduled through the end of February!

Christmas With Lady J – Part 1

We’ve been feeling the holiday spirit around here lately, and our friends have been joining in on the fun.  The always captivating Lady J stopped by the studio the other night and helped us create some fun, festive images that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do.

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